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Attend AMTA Wyoming’s 2019 Fall Workshop

Saturday, October 05, 2019 9:00 AM – Sunday, October 06, 2019 1:30 PM (Mountain Time)


Days Inn by Wyndham Thermopolis 
115 East Park Street
ThermopolisWyoming 82443
United States 

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Introduction ​to ​Visceral ​and ​Abdominal ​Massage ​(8 ​CE ​Hrs) and

​DT ​Iliopsoas, ​Diaphragm, ​and ​QL ​(4.5 ​CE ​Hrs)

with Brian Utting

Oct ​5th- ​Introduction ​to ​Visceral ​and ​Abdominal ​Massage ​(8 ​CE ​Hrs) 
Course ​Description: ​

The ​viscera ​are ​at ​the ​very ​core ​of ​our ​body, ​and ​are, ​along ​with ​our ​nervous ​system, ​a ​primary ​source ​of ​life. ​They ​are ​at ​the ​center ​of ​our ​structure, ​our ​emotions, ​our ​biochemistry, ​and ​our ​life ​energy. ​There ​are ​over ​500 ​million ​neurons ​in ​the ​belly ​(about ​5 ​times ​more ​than ​in ​the ​spinal ​cord), ​and ​our ​enteric ​nervous ​system ​is ​a ​primary ​source ​of ​our ​intuition ​and ​”gut” ​feelings. ​

When ​we ​are ​anxious ​or ​distressed, ​our ​natural ​instinct ​is ​to ​protect ​our ​soft ​underbelly ​and ​”stuff” ​emotions ​there, ​causing ​multilayered ​problems ​throughout ​the ​body. ​The ​smooth ​muscles ​of ​the ​gut ​contract, ​pulling ​on ​the ​surrounding ​mesentery ​and ​fascia, ​causing ​not ​only ​gut ​pain, ​but ​back ​pain. ​In ​addition, ​surgery ​can ​create ​adhesions ​and ​multi-directional ​disruptions ​in ​the ​abdominal ​fascia ​and ​musculature. ​It ​is ​ironic ​that ​this ​vital ​healing ​area ​is ​often ​overlooked ​in ​massage. ​

The ​sensitivity ​and ​vulnerability ​of ​the ​belly ​is ​precisely ​why ​it ​is ​so ​receptive ​to ​safe, ​calming, ​and ​nourishing ​touch. ​We ​can ​soothe ​the ​enteric ​nervous ​system ​and ​the ​soft ​underbelly, ​sending ​waves ​of ​deep ​relaxation ​throughout ​the ​entire ​body. ​We ​can ​relax ​the ​smooth ​muscles ​of ​the ​intestines, ​which ​reduces ​pain, ​improves ​digestive ​function, ​and ​eases ​the ​fascial ​pull ​in ​the ​back ​and ​other ​areas ​of ​the ​body. ​We ​can ​sometimes ​separate ​post-surgical ​adhesions, ​creating ​balance ​and ​increased ​ease ​of ​movement ​at ​the ​very ​core ​of ​the ​body. ​

In ​this ​class ​you ​will ​learn ​simple ​and ​effective ​abdominal ​massage ​techniques ​that ​are ​easy ​to ​integrate ​into ​your ​massage ​practice. ​You ​will ​learn ​the ​basic ​layout ​of ​some ​of ​the ​area’s ​major ​anatomical ​structures ​and ​how ​to ​identify, ​palpate, ​and ​treat ​them. ​This ​class ​will ​make ​your ​abdominal ​work ​more ​comforting, ​intelligent, ​and ​effective. ​You ​will ​be ​able ​to ​help ​your ​clients ​achieve ​deeper ​states ​of ​relaxation, ​relieve ​pain, ​improve ​digestive ​function, ​and ​help ​free ​up ​deep ​structural ​imbalances. ​

“I ​was ​expecting ​a ​belly ​massage ​class ​and ​walked ​away ​with ​a ​deep ​understanding ​of ​the ​abdomen. ​This ​class ​was ​incredible.” ​- ​KC ​Johnston, ​LMP ​and ​Doula ​

Oct ​6th- ​DT ​Iliopsoas, ​Diaphragm, ​and ​QL ​(4.5 ​CE ​Hrs) 
Course ​Description:

These ​muscular ​structures ​support ​the ​core–they ​are ​integral ​to ​maintaining ​balance, ​structural ​alignment, ​ease ​of ​breathing, ​mobility, ​and ​the ​ability ​to ​function ​without ​lower ​back ​pain. ​You ​will ​learn ​specific, ​potent, ​and ​effective ​Deep ​Tissue ​techniques ​to ​release ​the ​iliopsoas, ​diaphragm, ​QL, ​lower ​multifidus, ​and ​the ​lumbodorsal ​fascia. ​These ​are ​straightforward, ​muscle-specific ​techniques ​that ​can ​be ​immediately ​applied ​in ​practice, ​often ​with ​profound ​results. ​There ​will ​be ​a ​concise ​and ​insightful ​anatomy ​review ​of ​these ​structures ​with ​an ​eye ​toward ​fascial ​continuities ​and ​the ​functional ​relationships ​between ​them. ​We ​will ​also ​focus ​correct ​placement ​and ​proper ​use ​of ​fingers, ​knuckles, ​and ​elbows ​for ​optimal ​results ​and ​to ​save ​wear ​and ​tear ​on ​joints. ​

“Finally, ​a ​class ​that ​taught ​me ​something ​I ​can ​use!” ​-Melanie ​Geiger, ​Glenrock ​WY ​

“The ​techniques ​in ​this ​class ​are ​choice; ​they’re ​easy ​to ​learn ​and ​implement, ​and ​very ​effective ​for ​the ​client.” ​- ​Kate ​Day, ​Jackson ​WY


Brian (license #MA 1011) founded the Brian Utting School of Massage (BUSM) in Seattle, WA in 1982 and was BUSM’s Director, Director of Education, and a lead instructor there for 26 years. Brian developed and refined the curriculum at BUSM and taught many subjects, including anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, contraindications, business skills, communication skills, hydrotherapy, and a variety of massage techniques. His 1000-hour COMTA-accredited school was considered one of the best massage schools in the country.

Brian has been teaching massage CE nationally and internationally since 1990. He designs his CE classes and programs so that the students really get the material and can take it home and apply it in their practice, rather than just being exposed to it. He teaches with a rare blend of knowledge, passion, precision, humor, common sense, and depth. In 2009 Brian was awarded the AMTA’s Robert N. Calvert Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 2014, he was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.


Rooms are available at the Days Inn by Wyndham Thermopolis for $97.20 per night plus tax. There are a limited amount of rooms so call (307) 864-3131 to reserve your room before September 21st. Mention “American Massage Therapy Association” to get this discounted rate. Available for Friday and Saturday nights.
What to bring for the class:
You will need to bring a massage table, sheets , 1 pillow, 2 pillow cases, and lotion. If you cannot bring a table, contact Cassidy Redig at