Meet Our Board


AMTA Wyoming Chapter Board
Due to the small size of the Wyoming Chapter board members often do double duty as committee chairs.

Cassidy Redig, Chapter President, Cheyenne, 307-286-0434

Cassidy Redig is a Cheyenne based Licensed Massage Therapist at Cassidy’s Massage Therapy (est. 2013). She works with a diverse client base using multiple modalities to suit the needs of each individual. Cassidy loves using massage as a means to help people feel human and connected in a world that, for many, feels disconnected. In her free time she likes to paint, hike, and pretend she can play the guitar. Cassidy joined the AMTA-WY Board in 2017 at the Spring Workshop while taking a chance at having dinner with strangers. The open invitation to join the board for dinner changed, what Cassidy had expected to be a solo education experience, into an opportunity for volunteer involvement. One thing lead to another and now she’s the president! Cassidy looks forward to helping our diverse membership feel more connected as a unified, professional and empowered community of Massage Therapists in Wyoming.

Patricia Worthington, Board Member, Afton


Patricia lives in Etna, Wyo. She has spent 19 years in southern Wyo., in and around Saratoga and Encampment. She received her massage education at Utah College of Massage Therapy; she has attended dozens of trainings in Utah and in Wyoming with AMTA WY. Patricia has been practicing massage therapy at the River Spa in Snake River Lodge, Teton Village Wyo. for four years now. Also, She spent a short time at Saratoga Resort and Hot Springs. Patricia also had a private office in Afton WY for 2.5 years. Outside work and being on the board for AMTA Wyoming this year, she spend time with her grandchildren baking, crafting, and just doing the grandma thing. They are so precious and bring her joy, love and laughter. Patricia has three successful and beautiful daughters and four grandbabies.

Patricia is excited to be a part of AMTA WY as a board member, Education chair and on the Government Relations committee. She looks forward to helping our state get licensure; Wyoming is one of only four states that still do not have licensure. She looks forward to the 2019 Spring Conference in Cheyenne and helping us all grow our Education and Knowledge in the state.

Monica Taylor-Lee, Board member, Cheyenne, 307-421-7500

Monica Taylor-Lee totally digs life. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, essential oil fanatic and wellness advocate. Her passion is promoting alternative healing through massage and essential oils as well as providing education to those who have an interest in reducing toxins and start leading a purer, more natural way of life. In 2003, she graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in Ft. Collins, Colo. and has since expanded her expertise to include CranioSacral Therapy (both adults & infants/children), Neural Manipulation, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and will begin training in P-DTR (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) in November, 2018. When Monica is not kicking it at her massage office – Hands On Massage Therapy in Cheyenne – she enjoys hanging out with my husband and son, hiking, snowboarding, CrossFitting, and binging on Netflix documentaries.

Kara Bacon, Secretary, Sheridan, 307-751-3538

Kara joins the AMTA Wyoming Chapter Board after serving many years on less career-oriented non-profit boards in the Sheridan area. They are passionate about massage, as well as cats, theater and rocking a sick ginger mohawk. Kara chose to start a career in massage therapy after a short stint working in the newspaper industry, with their BA in Journalism. They’re still passionate about design and mass media, but much prefer massage therapy to desk work and weekend photo assignments. In 2012, they attended the two-year massage therapy program at Sheridan College. They are currently the main adjunct faculty member in the very same program that has changed their life for the better. They also practice deep-tissue and relaxation massage at Zen the Salon, in Sheridan. Through their work with the only massage education in the state, and their Board membership, they hope to further grow and up-hold the professionalism and legitimacy of massage therapy in Wyoming.

Kara prefers they/them pronouns, and has not taken to referring to multiple personalities at once, nor have they taken leave of their grammar education.

Megan Reilly, Treasurer, Casper, 307-337-7867

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact a board member.