From AMTA Nationals

We appreciate you staying engaged with our chapter and this gives us an opportunity to maintain a sense of community, which is of utmost importance right now.
We want to take a moment to address the COVID-19 topic. We empathize with everyone’s situation, as many of us are dealing with the same challenges as practitioners, employers, educators and students.
While AMTA is not the governing body with the authority to determine when it is safe for a therapist to practice or reopen, we are working closely with states to provide input to help mitigate the risks for massage therapists if the state is allowing their practices to reopen.
As an association, our role in this pandemic is to keep massage therapists and our members informed as information becomes available. AMTA will continue to provide timely and relevant resources to make members aware of vetted guidance and directives from government, massage therapy licensing boards and other partners, as we share resources to help our members look ahead and make informed decisions about the risks associated with reopening their practices.
Across the country, information, changes and updates occur quickly and often. We encourage you to check the AMTA COVID News Page frequently as we strive to provide the most up-to-date information possible through those resources as well as emails we are sending. Let’s all stay safe and healthy, together.